Are Gas Fireplace Logs right for you?

Gas log answers to questions everyone asks.

Hi, welcome to The Place. I’m Donerae, and I’m here to show you a little about fireplaces. What I have behind me is what’s called a vented gas log. And it’s one of the more common things people ask for when they come in, and they’re considering changing their wood-burning Fireplace to gas.

Are Gas Fireplace Logs right for you?

Vented gas logs are relatively inexpensive to purchase. You can light them with a match, a safety pilot, or a remote, depending on your preference. The damper needs to be open, so like burning real wood, much of the heat goes up the chimney. But if you’re looking for convenience, that big flame of any gas log might be just the thing for you. Take your old wood-burning fireplace and turn it into something easy and beautiful—one-day gas log installation.

No more hauling logs; you don’t have to stay up late waiting for the fire to die! How much more would you enjoy your fireplace if it didn’t smell like smoke and was easier to use? When it is time to refurbish an old fireplace, confidently check out or buy vented gas logs at The Place.

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Michael’s New Gas Fireplace Logs and Burner

Michael’s New Fireplace Logs and Burner

“Hello, my name is Michael, and I am sitting in front of the fireplace I purchased from The Place, which was a very enjoyable experience. They listened to what I had to say, and they took me to just the one I wanted. And it is now sitting in my home. This is the third fireplace I’ve had and the happiest I have been with the one I got from The Place. Thank you, The Place.

And what got me is she said, ‘Well, let me turn this up if you want a roaring fire.’ And I thought That’s the one I want!” — Michael

Our fireplace experts replaced Michael’s old fireplace logs and burner. He now has a full flame that looks like a large wood fire, with an easy-to-use remote control. We have a large selection by the top brands Heatilator and Heat&Glo. Eight certified hearth specialists keep you safe and create beautiful fireplaces for your home. Visit The Place on Route 18 and enjoy chilly nights.

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