Custom Grilling Island – For Any Outdoor Living Area Joe Quinn – The Place in Medina “Many people want a simple solution when they are

Spa Care in the Winter

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 by

Spa Care in the Winter: Everything you need to know to take care of your spa as the temperature drops While it may seem counterintuitive

Fireplace Installation & Service at The Place The National Fireplace Institute certifies ALL of our fireplace sales and installation staff. To keep our certifications current,

Hot Tub or Spa Cover Mold Solution

Tuesday, 06 October 2020 by

Hot Tub or Spa Cover Mold Solution By Tori Lambright & Donna Duchek We love to show people how to take care of their hot

Swim Spa Comparison Susan tested a used Master Spa Michael Phelps 19′ Dual Temperature swim spa with a separate swim spa and hot tub area.

Coast Wellness Bench 1301 Swim Spa

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Swim Spa Comparison Susan tested a Coast Wellness 1302 Swim Spa with a bench that runs down both sides of the spa when she visited

Swim Spa Comparison This spa is a great training environment for both athletes and casual swimmers alike. “I was able to test 5 different swim

Swim Spa Comparison We asked Susan, a former Division One Swimmer, to assess the swim spas that she tested at The Place. Susan likes The

Why buy pre-owned? There are items you would never consider buying used, like a mattress. Others make sense to buy used, like a low mileage

Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, recently finished a study on the health benefits of soaking in warm water. Research verified