Help Wanted

Why would you want to work at “The Place?”  Ask some of our team members:

Friendly people • Flexible Scheduling • We get all major holidays off and after 20 years of retail and not getting that, I love it! • We care about each other • We learn and grow together • Clients coming in are happy ‘cause they are buying fun things • I am part of “The Place Family” and it’s just cool • Every day is different •I like who I work with • Family oriented with Sundays off • I like the environment • I’m doing sales but not wearing a suit and tie anymore! • I don’t miss important events with my children anymore • We’re more like a family • Always striving to improve • We do training • I like that we are a Christian Organization • I get positive feedback and constructive criticism from management • We are the Best of the Best!

Email your resume to

If you send a cover letter or email, we promise to respond to your application! We understand looking for employment can be difficult and it is extra discouraging if you never get any feedback! A brief cover “letter” or email let’s us know you actually read this post and checked us out on Google and our website, Please let us know why you are interested in joining our team.

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