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Coast Wellness Swim Spa
Coast Wellness Swim Spa
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Why a Coast Wellness Spa?

Coast Spas has been making waves since our very first hot tub in 1995. We’ve set standards for style, quality and innovation with hot tub features like AM/FM/CD/MP3 players, giant LCD screens, hydro cyclonic filtration systems, vanishing edge spas and super-efficient heating systems. We’ve also been delivering more power and technology than our competitors – and taken out numerous patents on design and construction features. With the Wellness Series, we’ve further elevated spa design by bringing the combined benefits of warm water therapy and healthful exercise to your home.

Exercise is easy when it's fun

Feel better, Sleep Better, Prevent Health Issues and Keep in Shape.

Think about it. There are lots of reasons to exercise – reduced risk of cancer and diabetes, lower cholesterol, greater resistance to bacteria and viruses, improved quality of sleep and longer life for starters. Science leaves little doubt that exercise is one of the most important things for your body and the benefits of human immersion into a vessel of warm water have been known and understood for centuries.

Wellness Hot Tub and Swim Spa Models

Our models range from the hyper-therapeutic Wellness I hot tub (developed in conjunction with the Arthritis Research Center of Canada’s Consumer Advisory Board) to our large Swim Spas which produce an unrivalled current you can swim against indefinitely.Our health spas each come exercise equipment ready, allowing resistance bands and rowing oars to be incorporated into your fitness routine.


Wellness I

Built For Positive Health and Arthritis Relief. The Wellness I is made to promote positive health and makes feeling wonderful each and every day as easy as stepping into your hot tub.

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Wellness II

Small Footprint. Full Size Swim Spa. The Wellness II has a full sized swim area and is engineered to take up as little room as possible to easily fit your backyard or fitness room.

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Wellness II Lounge

Swim, Relax, Repeat. Swim, Relax, Repeat. The Wellness II Lounge has the same positive health benefits ts as the Wellness II, except it comes standard with a non-float lounger and powerful deep-tissue massage jets..

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Wellness III

Add a Hot Tub to Your Wellness II or II Lounge Swim Spahe Wellness III is installed at one end of your swim spa, instantly providing all of the amazing health benefits ts that go along with hot water hydrotherapy.

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Wellness IV

Hot Tub and Full Sized Swim Spa The largest Wellness Spa we build. The gigantic dual zone Wellness IV is a swim / exercise spa that includes a full-size, independently controlled hot tub. Truly the complete all-in-one wellness package ready for your backyard or exercise room.

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Wellness V

Massive Swim Area The Wellness V has the largest swimming and exercise area. Complete with an integrated cool-down/massage area, the Wellness V is the must-have swim spa for those who put fitness first.

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Wellness Infinity Spa

Infinity Edge Swim Spa The Wellness Infinity is the world's first, and only, vanishing edge swim spa. Enjoy the freedom of a barrier-free view as you swim towards open space, feeling unconfined to your spas swim area.

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Coast Wellness Spas Brochure

Learn more about Coast Wellness Spas including the Pure Water system, shell acrylic color and cabinet finish choices, and many other features.

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