Patio Fix-up Checklist

Get ready for fun with our patio & spa fix-up checklist!

  • Does your hot tub or swim spa need maintenance?
  • Are your umbrellas torn, faded, worn out, or outdated?
  • Is your patio furniture in good shape, or does it need updating?
  • Are there any new pieces you would like to add?

Spa Care

Coast Hot Tub, Covana cover, privacy screen and hot tub installation in Stowe Ohio
Follow these simple steps to get it ready:
  1. Add Total Cleanse to the water to clean the inside of your tub where you can’t see it.
  2. Drain your hot tub or swim spa using the gravity drain or our utility pumps with long safety cords.
  3. Rinse with water and use Triple Action Serum Spray on any dirt remaining on the spa’s shell, headrest, and underside of the spa cover.
  4. Replace the water filter and check the O rings on the filter lid if applicable.
  5. Refill with water.
Spa Covers and Easy Lift devices for a hot tub or swim spa. For new spa or as a replacement spa cover.
Inspect Spa Cover & Stairs
  • Does your spa cover seal and lock properly?
  • Is it ripped or heavy? It’s time to replace it.
  • Use Triple Action Serum Spray on any dirt on the underside of the spa cover. 
  • We recommend using 303 Vinyl Protectant on the outside of the vinyl covers. For WeatherShield covers, use 303 Fabric Guard on the outside.
  • If you need a replacement, check out our wide variety of Hot tub or Swim Spa covers, lifts, and stairs.
Spa Supplies & Questions

Short on Time? Call ahead so we can have your supplies ready when you arrive or ship them to you!

We are also happy to answer any questions if you need more help, or we can sign you up for one of our spa classes

Automatic & Manual Cover Options
  • Vacuseal Automatic
  • Covanna Automatic
  • End 2 End Spa Covers
  • CoverMate Spa Covers
  • and more

Replace or add new pieces,
like a fire table.

Find quality patio furniture
and outdoor table sets.

Spa Accessories, Stairs,
Umbrellas & More

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