Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture at The Place in Medina, OH
Patio Furniture at The Place in Medina, OH
Patio Furniture at The Place in Medina, OH
Patio Furniture at The Place in Medina, OH

Where does one purchase quality, American- made patio furniture at competitive pricing?

Most retailers, of patio furniture, purchase containers of low or medium quality product from China, with the goal to sell through by season end. A good model for the retailer to make money but there are problems with that marketing model for you, the buyer!

  1. You have a VERY LIMITED selection. You only can pick from the few collections the retailer chooses. There isn’t any opportunity to express your personality or design.
  2. Warranty replacement process very cumbersome. Since the product is shipped from overseas via full containers, getting one replacement piece can take up to a year, and there is the risk that design or color is no longer available!
  3. The pieces of the set are predetermined with no opportunity to add or subtract for your needs.

The Place is different. We saw an opportunity in the market to offer “Custom Choice” furniture at container pricing. Benefits include:

  1. YOU choose the collection which fits your style from ALL the collections available
  2. YOU choose YOUR frame design and color, YOUR fabric color and pattern
  3. We represent top manufacturers with majority made in the USA
  4. We provide designer consultation in our showroom or in your home
  5. Expedited warranty support and resolution, if and when needed
  6. And the best part…”Custom Orders” at “Floor Model” pricing!

If you are interested in Patio Furniture at The Place or would like your product serviced, please contact us and one of our professional representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Also visit our showroom at 2377 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256, located in Northeast Ohio between Akron and Cleveland.