Just Keep Swimming

You’ll experience the realistic feel and benefits of open-water swimming with perfect conditions every time with the Swim Collection delivering consistent ocean-like buoyancy and just-right resistance.

Features such as detachable row bars and exercise bands will help round out your workout with added strength, toning, and mobility. Therapeutic massage jets help tired or tense muscles, so you feel reinvigorated after exercising.

Five Models Available

For the dedicated swimmer, the wellness conscious, or for just plain fun with family and friends.

Test a Swim Spa for yourself—call to set up a time.

Let the Swim Spa Experts at The Place Help You Choose

Susan Tested 4 Swim Spas in Our Showroom. She loved this swim spa! Here is what she said.

“This would be a great option if you were having a party. If you like hosting people at your home, you could have several people here. You are not limited to 5 seats like in a regular hot tub. . . . And there are jets almost everywhere that you can turn on.” — Susan

Test a Swim Spa for yourself—call to set up a time.

Get the most from your Swim Spa. Detachable row-bars and multiple exercise band attachment points allow you to do more than simply swim in place. Take advantage of all the benefits added water resistance provides for your strength and cardio training.

Perfect for any level of workout intensity. Water provides the perfect environment for low impact stretching and aerobics and when you need a rest just have a seat and let our powerful massage jets sooth your body and rejuvenate your energy.

2024 Coast
Swim Spas Brochure
2024 Coast Spas Swim Spas Brochure

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