Hydropool swim spas provide the favorite family fun spot and the ideal training environment for athletes and casual swimmers. They are more efficient and self-cleaning and have many available options.



Individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind.




Hydropool Serenity are the best hot tubs, with the unique Versa massage hydrotherapy system that adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body.



The Classic Collection features affordable luxury for everyone. With simple timeless designs, the Classic Collection is very flexible with 110v or 220V convertibility.

Susan Tested a
Hydropool Swim Spa 

You can see that the Hydropool Executive Swim Spa has consistent adjustable power that can keep up with any swimmer, including Susan, a former division 1 collegiate swimmer.

There are markers for the bottom and special goggles that tell you where you are and how you are doing in your swim. When you finish your swim or water aerobics, find seats at the back with massage jets and a waterfall for your shoulders.

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Susan Recommends

the Hydropool Executive Trainer 

“Hi, I’m Susan. I have been to The Place before and tried out several hot tubs and a couple of swim spas. Today I returned to The Place and tried out four different swim spas. I love that they allow you to test the swim spas and try them out to see which one best suits your lifestyle.

As a former division one collegiate swimmer, I enjoy the Hydropool Executive Trainer. The range of speed settings is second to none; . . . The buoyancy jet lifts your whole body to the top of the water, which is where you want to be when you swim, so that was great.”

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Test a Swim Spa for yourself—call to set up a time.

Let the Swim Spa Experts at The Place Help You Choose

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