Updating a Gas Fireplace

Updating a Gas Fireplace with an efficient new Gas Insert will help you save money

Updating a Gas Fireplace – Whiteboard Animation

Andrea Reedy at The Place

20 years ago, your living room might have looked like this.
It was great at the time but tastes change, and technology advances.
You’ve changed the wallpaper, bought a new couch, and upgraded your television.

But do you still have an old-fashioned fireplace?
Like televisions, fireplaces are appliances, too, and should ideally be replaced every 15 years.

Trends change, and so does technology. Today’s gas fireplaces are up to 89% more energy efficient. And offer beautiful flames and comfort at the push of a button whether you’d like an on-trend design or prefer a traditional look.
The Place has fireplaces you’ll love!

Eight certified hearth specialists keep you safe and create beautiful fireplaces for your home.

Updating a Gas Fireplace from contemporary to traditional
Get the Fireplace You Want From The Experts You Need

Get the fireplace you want from the experts you need.
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