Upscale Luxury that Goes Anywhere — the Inception Electric Fireplace

Control and Personalize Your Fireplace 

Build Your FireYou decide the kind of fire that you want on any day

Ask yourself — Would you like a blazing fire in your bathroom or your closet so you can feel cozy and warm while dressing? Are you living in a condo and can’t have a traditional or vented fireplace? Do you want no fuss, no logs, and no waiting for the embers to go out? Do you want that conventional fireplace but can’t place it where you want it?

Go ahead — Read a book and drink cocoa on a dreary day. Turn the fire low, turn the heat up, and add realistic crackling sound effects. Authentic digital flames come to life thanks to digital Spark Technology, which combines the latest imaging technology and fire content to deliver a true-to-life fireside experience. Up to 5,000-10,000 BTUs of heat when needed.

Have a party — A blazing fire may be the drama you want to add. A warm day? You can turn the heat off. Personalization is at your fingertips. Choose from various backgrounds and fire types designed to deliver the most authentic electric fireside experience yet.

Is it easy to use? There are two ways to control your fire.

The Control Buttons are in the lower right-hand corner of the fireplace and will allow you to control the flame, heater, and lights. 

The Remote Control changes your fire experience with advanced options like brightness adjustment, timer, thermostat, heater, and diagnostics.

You won’t get bored. Future fires and updates will be available on the Intellifire phone APP.

Background choices — you can create in your Inception Fireplace

Birch Logs with Black Traditional Stacked Brick interior panels (Active Wood Fire)

Birch Logs with Black Traditional Stacked Brick interior panels (Mature Wood Fire)

Birch Logs with Reflective Black Glass interior panels

Oak Logs with Tranquil Greige Herringbone interior panels (Active Wood Fire)

Oak Logs with Castlestone interior panels

Oak Logs with Serene Jute interior panels

Folio Front — a casual, simple design.

Halston Front — a timeless design.

Chateau Forge Front — a hammered, forged traditional look.

Would you like a simple one-day installation?

Wescott Mantel Kit

There are options, including a Wescott Mantel Kit, which allows the 36″ wide Inception Electric Fireplace to be placed in any room—no construction is needed, and the mantel is paintable.

The model shown is

Top – 61.875 inches wide

Base – 54 inches wide

Height – 49.625 inches high

Top Depth – 14.375 inches

Base Depth – 11.25 inches

Get the fireplace you want from the experts you need
Six certified hearth specialists keep you safe and create beautiful fireplaces for your home.

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