Are Hot Tub Shows or Expos a Good Deal or a Bad Deal?

You’ve been considering a Hot Tub. You want one — but you also enjoy a great deal!

Traveling Hot Tub Sales

  • One manufacturer, although they advertise “four brands.”
  • Use “Hired guns” that sell all over the USA; the “best spa” is the brand they are selling that day  
  • Commission only pays, so they must convince you to buy NOW. Talk about high pressure — on them and you! 
  • “This Weekend Only” means Sunday night. They fly out with no accountability to you.
  • A dealer somewhere in Ohio delivers the tubs
  • Prices marked up A LOT, so the selling price seems too good to miss

The Place

  • Dealer for four manufacturers, so you genuinely get a great selection
  • Long-term employees help you before, during, AND after your purchase
  • We educate you so you choose the best spa for your family
  • Different sales, promotions, and special buys ALL YEAR LONG
  • A try-before-you-buy-it opportunity
  • The product is clearly priced, showing the deals and financing options
  • Cover solutions on display – so crucial for swim spas!
  • Support with inside parts, delivery, and service technicians
  • Trustworthy. We’ll be here to make it right, even if something goes wrong!

What happens when your hot tub is dropped-off in your front yard? If you plug in your brand-new hot tub and it doesn’t work? Or has a defective part, a leaky tub, or features that don’t operate? Your salesperson is gone. 

It’s Just You and a Costly Lesson

Bad Deal or a Good Deal?

Good Deal or Bad Deal

Buy from a trusted, local, family-owned business!

What You Can Expect From The Place

We offer great deals and sales all year — Plus everyday factory direct pricing!

Quality Products, Service & Warranty

We choose reputable manufacturers with robust quality standards. It’s our guarantee and promise, as well as the manufacturer’s. We will be here for you. We’re also here if something needs to be fixed with the parts, supplies, and expert service you need.

The Delivery & Installation Process

We guide your foundation, electrical, and other setup requirements, then send a professional delivery and installation team to set up your backyard hot tub or swim spa. 

The Place Guarantee 

We guarantee the hot tubs and swim spas we sell so you can have peace of mind. We’ll make it right even if something goes wrong!

3 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Learn how to choose the best Hot Tub or Swim Spa for your family!

Try before you buy! There are vast differences between brands and models; find the perfect one. —Call, set a time, bring a suit, and have fun!

Get the hot tub or swim spa you want from the experts you need!

2377 Medina Road, Medina — 1 mile east of Hwy 71

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