Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile barbecue and outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined. It truly is the ultimate cooking experience!

Why choose The Place as your Big Green Egg source?

  1. Big Green Eggs and Accessories IN STOCK – Take it home with you today!
  2. Accessories made by Big Green Egg enthusiasts that you won’t find other places!
  3. Cooking classes and demonstrations – Learn how to be an Eggspert!
  4. Knowledgeable sales staff to answer all of your questions and make recommendations.

Prepare to get hungry!

  • Grilling Sear stakes, chops, burgers, and seafood with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills. High temperature steak house grilling even at 750 F/400 C is quick, easy, and delicious!
  • Low & Slow The insulating ceramics of the Big Green Egg allow for precise temperature control at low heat. You’ll enjoy succulent results with turkey, ham, ribs, or any of your favorite cuts. Want to slow cook at low heat for ten to twelve hours or longer? No problem!
  • Baking The Big Green Egg will bake your bread, pizza, casseroles, cakes, and pies better and quicker than your kitchen oven! You must experience this to believe it – you may never cook indoors again!
  • Smoking No smoker performs more efficiently than a Big Green Egg. Add a wide variety of sumptuous flavor combinations and aromas to your cooking with our aromatic chips and wood chunks since each type of wood reacts differently with meat, poultry, or fish, the flavor combinations are endless.
  • Roasting The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods just don’t dry out! Poultry, lamb, beef, and vegetables are naturally tastier because the juices and flavors stay locked inside. Everything tastes better cooked on an EGG!
  • Amazing Results From appetizers and entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection and with five convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any lifestyle!

Visit us today to see the Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge EGG and start writing your own culinary success story!

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